Why Invotec

Why Invotec?

We’re experienced across IT projects and Managed Services

Invotec have delivered IT projects and fully Managed IT services to many complex organisations over the past 15 years.

We’re proficient and trained in both Microsoft and Apple platforms

Invotec prides itself on the ability to fully understand and work with both Apple and Microsoft Technology and is one of the few IT companies fully trained and competent across both platforms.

It’s almost impossible for an in house IT team to be fully trained, up to date and competent across multiple platforms.

We’re in control and fully accountable

Invotec has also developed their own cloud based infrastructure, platforms and software as a service, meaning we are fully accountable and have complete control over cloud services vs relying on another provider.

Our clients

Invotec have experienced strong growth year on year, due to the exceptional service provided and the word of mouth that has generated amongst our clients.

Invotec are trusted by commercial organisations as well as the government and education sector.

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