Wi-Fi Design and Management


Invotec can design and implement, innovative, end to end connectivity for your organisation. We use the latest cutting edge wireless technology to empower a mobile workforce ensuring your wireless capability is compliant with the latest 802.11ac technology.
Invotec can:

  • Design your Wi-Fi network – taking into account challenging environments that conventional solutions may not be able to reach.
  • Implement the design – We are experienced and accredited with leading wireless vendors such as Xirrus, Cisco, HP and Netgear and have a team of licensed data cablers. Invotec can follow through with any plan into implementation.
  • Manage the network – As usage of your network grows and users needs change, we can monitor and manage the network on your behalf to ensure ongoing optimal performance and productivity.

Invotec have designed and implemented Wi-Fi networks for both straight forward and complex environments. Contact us to discuss your Wi-Fi network requirements

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