Network Management

Network Management

Invotec Network Management encompasses a range of activities that aim to ensure the health and availability of your network.

Network Management tasks cover areas such as:


Ensuring your network is secure, protected and monitored against internal and external threats.

Configuration management

We record, document and keep up to date all the information regarding the configuration of your network. Including the versions and updates that have been applied to installed software packages and the locations and network addresses of hardware devices. Ensuring that you have strong processes and documentation around your network.

Network inventory maintenance

By maintaining your network inventory we can keep track of:

  • Software – what software has been downloaded on to your network and who has access to it.
  • Equipment – we will keep track of every piece of equipment and software connected to your system. What maybe faulty, needs to be replaced or any items that have gone missing.
  • Licensing – we’ll make sure you’ve got the necessary licensing for all your software avoiding costs of duplication or fines.
  • System upgrades – reduce down time and slow response due to out-dated software or hardware.

Invotec’s Network Management tasks are done through the use of industry leading monitoring and reporting utilities.

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