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At the heart of everything Apple does is a single vision: to create amazing products that enrich people’s lives. It shapes not only what they make, but how it’s made and what they care about. Apple technology is designed to give students new ways to experience and demonstrate their learning — no matter what type of learners they are.


Apple Creates Products Designed To Inspire The Minds Of Teachers And Students

With Apple hardware and software in the hands of students, the work they need to do becomes the work they love to do. Students love iPad because it can be whatever they need it to be. It helps them explore topics in new ways, and to discover new skills with a Multi-Touch experience that’s interactive and engaging.

Packed with power, Mac helps students and teachers tackle the most ambitious projects, fuelling them with confidence to take on any assignment.

When schools and teachers expect more of what’s possible with technology, they raise the bar for what their students’ learning should look like and how technology empowers them to help make that happen.


Cloud Solutions

Invotec’s “Cloud Control” suite of products and services are designed to provide enterprise grade cloud performance, accessibility, redundancy and security.

Powered by our partners, Apple, Microsoft, VMWare, Veeam and Fortinet, Invotec can provide private hosting in our Tier 3 data centre based in Melbourne, public cloud services in partnership with Microsoft Azure, or hybrid solutions customised to customer requirements.

Our highly trained solutions architects are ready to sit down with you and build a cloud solution that will exceed your expectations.

Wi-Fi Networking

Invotec has a network infrastructure team comprising fully qualified and endorsed telecommunications technicians. We specialise in fibre optic and copper based structured cabling. We're experts in the installation and deployment of enterprise wireless systems. We build networks that are consistent with the requirements needed to satisfactorily support a one device per student (1:1) learning environment.

Networks are developed with wireless density being the key consideration, as well as wireless coverage to classrooms, admin and common areas throughout schools. Our networks are documented, managed and optimised for performance.

Apple Professional Learning Specialist

Invotec and Apple are united in their commitment to helping educators achieve the most from utilising Apple technology in the classroom. Invotec supports the demand for professional learning in schools through the engagement of an Apple Professional Learning Specialist.

Apple Professional Learning offers a range of comprehensive resources and services, including an Apple Teacher program, which helps teachers and schools learn how to use Apple products more effectively in the classroom. Resources including Everyone Can Create, Everyone Can Code and Develop in Swift help teachers in assisting students in the development of numerous technology skills and the communication of ideas.

Apple School Manager and MDM Solutions

Apple School Manager provides ICT administrators with an intuitive and easy to use portal which assists with the enrolment of new devices and the purchasing of and distribution of content. When used in conjunction with an approved Mobile Device Management solution, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and Mac computers can be configured, network settings and policies deployed and device content distributed to the entire fleet.

Invotec have partnered with Meraki, Jamf and Airwatch and can supply subscription based licensing for these products. We work closely with schools to empower ICT admins to integrate and work with these tools to benefit both students and teachers.

Since moving to Invotec, we have fully modernised our IT environment and streamlined our IT processes. To date, they have delivered on our expectations, and if we have any kind of problem, they always listen and are happy to work with us on a solution.

Craig Chamberlin



Apple products enrich people’s lives

We believe every learner is a creator and every creator has the power to change the world. Only Apple products can change what’s possible for learning in the classroom and beyond to deliver on this promise.

Established over 20 years ago, Invotec was founded from the education sector. Our passion runs deep when it comes to technology in education.

We believe technology should benefit both teachers and students in the delivery and demonstration of learning. Student engagement is crucial to the achievement of learning outcomes and Apple products provide this.

From the beginning, Apple believed that some of the most powerful opportunities for technology in the hands of educators and students can help draw out the potential of every individual, no matter how they learn and what they love to do. When schools and teachers expect more of what’s possible with technology, they raise the bar for what their students’ learning should look like and how technology empowers them to help make that happen.

Invotec partners with Apple Financial Services. Should you require a finance solution for any products or services purchased through Invotec enquire below.


Invotec's Customised IT Solution
For Mt Hira College

After a lengthy consultative process Mt Hira College made the decision to adopt a 1:1 classroom approach to learning within their K-6 classrooms.
It was believed that a 1:1 Learning Environment that centred around the iPad device would provide the best learning outcomes for students.

The school leadership and IT Management were acutely aware that a successful program would depend largely on ensuring that the Mt Hira network infrastructure was robust enough to handle the demands associated with connecting 450 devices to the wireless network.

By creating an environment centred around iPad devices the following key benefits have been identified:

A cost-effective solution

Greater student engagement

Efficient management of a single device fleet

More creative learning outlets

Tailored learning experiences utilising online content

Improved student / teacher communication


iPads in the classroom offer a multipurpose learning tool that can appeal to all types of students irrespective of how they learn best.

Matt Wilde
IT Manager, Mt Hira College

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