Better data infrastructure means better education

We all want the best for our children’s education and that increasingly means looking beyond the classroom and into the infrastructure that supports our schools. Invotec and Dell Technologies are leading the way in next-generation data infrastructure and data protection solutions aimed at the education sector. Together we’re designing, installing, maintaining and advising on data systems for schools just like yours all over Victoria. 

Data management drives K-12 learning

The concept of providing students with fundamental knowledge free of charge lies at the heart of Australia’s K-12 education system. The combination of primary and secondary education that they receive from kindergarten until 12th grade not only helps develop their individual personality and equips them for the challenges of everyday life, it also provides them with the skills and information they need to succeed in the future.   

That future is constantly changing and evolving, so the education they receive and the infrastructure that supports their schooling needs to evolve too. Invotec and Dell Technologies are at the forefront of the latest data management and data protection solutions aimed at the education sector, enabling you and your staff to provide every student with an outstanding start in life. 

Education on-demand

The modern school doesn’t stop at the campus gate, students are connecting on the bus and the train, in the local park, at the beach and at home. Learning is 24/7 and your data needs to be always on, always instant and always secure. Your students are growing up in a world that’s available on demand and they expect the same of their education. Maximising connectivity, from the edge to the core to the cloud, is a key part of Dell’s strategy in order to deliver integrated hardware and software solutions that ensure virtualised networking functionality.  

As technology becomes increasingly integral to the way our children learn, the power to store, process and virtualise all the data a school requires for teaching, and collects for the wellbeing of its students, becomes a key priority. To enable this shift in learning methods, your IT component will need to expand its role from a support function and become a strategic partner in driving learning innovation.  

Modernising or upgrading your school’s IT capability and K-12 data infrastructure to accommodate this new role by gaining efficiency, agility and resiliency becomes mission critical for every school invested in the success of its students.  

Dell Technologies is top of the class for server, storage and networking solutions 

In November 2021 the Victoria Department of Education and Training (DET) approved objectives and outcomes identified five key elements required to deliver on their vision of creating, ‘A world-class, digitally enabled education system that gives every learner the best chance of thriving and achieving their potential in learning and beyond’.1 One of those key elements is the ability to support scalable and sustainable use of data. 

With that in mind, Dell Technologies’ Next-gen servers, all-flash, end-to-end NVMe storage, open In networking and cloud-based solutions have been designed to enable greater flexibility within the teaching environment (both in-school and remote) and more focused teaching possibilities at an individual student/teacher level.   

Data protection and cybersecurity remains a priority 

Since 2017, Information and Communications Training (ICT) has been a standard component of the school curriculum in Victoria. Unfortunately, this focus on giving students the opportunity to engage with technology on a daily basis brings with it the ever-present threat of cybercrime. Cyberattacks in the education sector are on the increase and continue to put even more pressure on our teachers and students. Currently the top three cyber threats facing education networks are: 

Phishing:  Phishing scams often take the form of an email or instant message and are designed to trick the user into revealing personal information or ID credentials 

Ransomware/Malware:  Ransomware and malware attacks prevent users from accessing the network or files and are designed to cause disruption or allow the attacker to hold files for ransom 

Lack of awareness:  Staff or students who aren’t sufficiently trained to practice good cyber security or whose lack of knowledge leads them to accidentally compromise the network. 

So, what can you do to keep your data safe? From core to edge to cloud, here are five simple ways that schools and other educational institutions can help protect themselves from cyber criminals: 

1. Review passwords

Review and strengthen passwords you use for logging on to remote resources, including emails and work applications. 

2. Avoid clicking on links that look suspicious 

Only download content from sources that are reliable and can be verified. If you receive an email with an unusual request, check the sender’s details carefully before you respond. If in doubt – delete. 

3. Reduce your attack surface 

Take full control of all endpoints, peripherals, applications, network traffic and data. Encrypt data whenever possible. Enforce policies to achieve endpoint security compliance. 

4. Deploy anti-ransomware technology 

This allows you to detect signs of ransomware and uncover running mutations of known and unknown malware families by using behavioural analysis and generic rules. 

5. Contain and remediate cyber breaches 

Contain attacks and control damage by detecting and blocking command and control traffic and isolating infected machines. Initiate a complete deep clean including restoring encrypted files, quarantining files, killing processes and sterilising the attack chain. 

Talk to us about your school’s data infrastructure today 

With more than 20 years’ experience in the education sector, Invotec and Dell Technologies partnership is trusted by schools across Victoria to deliver results. We help schools like yours identify, source and install modern data infrastructure solutions that will streamline your data management, strengthen your data protection and increase data performance, resilience and efficiency.  

In other words, we can help your teachers teach better, your students learn more successfully and your school administrators run things more smoothly.  

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Make sure your school is prepared for the future. Talk to an Invotec education expert today about the latest Dell Technologies’ data infrastructure.  

1. ICT Provisioning in Schools, Victorian Auditor-General’s Office, April 2022.

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