Business Just Got Easier: Cortana Can Schedule Your Meetings

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January 3, 2017

Cortana is becoming a very impressive personal assistant and now there is something else you can add to the capabilities: scheduling.

Many companies struggle with scheduling. Whether you are trying to schedule a meeting with a client, a customer, or your boss, it seems like everyone is extremely busy and it is very difficult to find the right time. This leads to countless hours being spent on scheduling alone. Since people cannot see the other person’s calendar, finding the ideal time is a struggle and calendars are always changing. Don’t you wish there was a better way of scheduling meetings? Now there is and the answer is and Cortana.

Cortana Calendar

All About is the new project from Microsoft that provides Cortana with the ability to schedule meetings for you. incorporates artificial intelligence and conversational computing with calendaring. You can save hours of time simply by using these new tools. Cortana is already a personal assistant of sorts and this is one more thing you can add to the abilities. Cortana can help you manage and overcome all of these challenges that you face when trying to schedule meetings outside of your organization and can even take care of the ones inside your organization to make your life that much easier. All you have to do is delegate the task to Cortana and it will be taken care of for you.

How to Set it Up is not readily available to everyone just yet so in order to gain access, you must sign up for the preview waitlist at Once you gain access, all you have to do to enable Cortana to schedule meetings is add Cortana to the CC line of your email. All you have to do in the body of the email is provide simple instructions in natural language such as how long the meeting should last, the method of the meetings, and even the approximate timing. You can bypass this step by setting up default preferences ahead of time. Then, just send the email and Cortana will examine your calendar for available times and send the options to your recipients. They can then propose new times and Cortana will communicate with them directly until a time is found that works for everyone. Cortana will even follow up with them within 48 hours if there is no response. After a date and time is confirmed with everyone, an event invite will be created by Cortana and sent to everyone. The interactions are natural and it will read as if a real-life assistant is coordinating the meeting. It is very easy to set up and use in your daily work and your recipients may never know the difference. However, you will get a lot of time back for you to perform other things and get more done during the day.

Cortana is becoming more and more beneficial not only in personal lives but also in the workspace. Microsoft is continuing to create new ways for people to use Cortana to make their lives easier and this is the latest technology that can be enjoyed. If this is something that you would get a lot of use out, be sure to sign up for the preview now so you can begin to enjoy it instead of waiting for it to be released to everyone.

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