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There are a lot of things you can guess at and – maybe —  get away with it.

  • You can guess at how many kilometres are left in your gas tank. – You may be right or wrong, but you can guess.
  • You can guess how many jelly beans are in the jar sitting on the counter at the corner store. – If you guess right, you might win a prize!
  • You can take a stab at guessing the number of bottles of hair gel your fashion-addicted friends go through in a year. – It might be a fun party game.

But here’s the deal.

When it comes to cybersecurity and the implementation, configuration, maintenance, and monitoring of your Fortinet solutions, you can’t leave it to guesswork.

In fact, you can’t even leave it to the “educated guess” of a “computer expert.”


Because let’s face it

Anyone can call themselves a “computer expert” these days.

And just because they know more than you and your staff know about computers doesn’t make them an IT professional or someone to trust with the cybersecurity of your Melbourne business.

Your business relies on software and hardware developed by Fortinet.

Where Do You Look To Find Someone In Melbourne That Excels At Fortinet Consulting?

Finding an IT consultant that is also well-versed in Fortinet software, cloud, and appliances can be challenging. Although Fortinet is a big name in the cybersecurity world, and most IT support companies deal with Fortinet products, it doesn’t make them the right Fortinet consultants for your business. So, what should you be looking for in an IT services company that claims specialty in Fortinet security solutions?

#1 – References – Ask them for names and contact info of companies they support that rely heavily on Fortinet software, cloud, and appliances.

#2 – Fortinet Authorized Training Ask the prospective company if their technicians have been certified by Fortinet.

#3 – Cybersecurity Focus – After talking to a few candidates, you will get a sense of what they’re all about. The kind of Fortinet consultant in Melbourne that your company needs will “live” in cybersecurity. Not simply protecting their clients from the bad guys but using IT security as a tool to enhance productivity and to give your employees the confidence they need to do business securely online. Remember, you are looking for a specialist, not an IT-fix-it company that works with Fortinet Solutions from time to time.

Melbourne Fortinet Consultants Help Secure Your Business And Enable You To Do Business.

A Fortinet consultant that will be able to get the most out of your Fortinet solutions and leverage them for your company’s greatest benefit will be the consultant who knows the Fortinet lineup. Each cloud and software solution developed by Fortinet knits together with the hardware they build to provide greater flexibility, security, and efficiency for a Melbourne company like yours.

A few of the Fortinet solution categories that help small to mid-size companies stay secure and get more accomplished in a workday are:

  • CybersecuritySoftware
  • Cybersecurity Appliances
  • Cybersecurity Services

Fortinet consultants take the guesswork out of dealing with Fortinet appliances, cloud-based solutions, and software.

Here Are Some Other Important Considerations Regarding The Team You Hire To Care For The Fortinet Solutions Your Business Uses On A Daily Basis.

  • Flexibility? – What hours does the company you are considering work? Are they a 9-5 business? Do they have after-hours support? Does that cost more? What about holidays? Do they charge extra fees for on-site support or travel to your location? How many of their technicians are trained in Fortinet consulting? Each of these questions reflects how flexible their organisation is in meeting the needs of a business like yours.
  • Business Model? – Is the company you are considering using an outdated break/fix model that forces you to pay a high hourly fee for each problem that you encounter with your Fortinet solutions? This arrangement puts your Fortinet consultant into the role of a Fortinet fireman – putting out fires instead of keeping fires from starting in the first place. The Managed IT Services model is a superior business model for professionals that specialise in Fortinet. In the Managed IT Services model, the IT support company charges your company a flat monthly rate and in turn, provides you with comprehensive IT support – including support for your Fortinet Solutions. This model is valuable to companies like yours because it focuses on productivity and uptime rather than focusing on responding to problems and crashes.
  • Reputation? – As we mentioned earlier, a company is only as good as its reputation. It’s worth taking the time to ask around and see what colleagues and business associates have to say about the company. Take a look online and spend some time reading reviews. To be certain, no company can realistically maintain 5-star reviews online, but the overwhelming number of honest, independent reviews should be positive.
  • What else do they do? – Your company uses more than just Fortinet solutions. So, ask yourself, “What else can this Fortinet consulting company offer my business?” For example, do they have someone who specialises in Microsoft Office 365? Can they provide and support professional, internet-based business phone systems? What about helping you plan for business continuity? Other things that a company is proficient in can help your business be more efficient, get more leads, and develop a better experience for your customers.
  • Professionalism? – By the time you get to the stage where a Fortinet consultant walks into your Melbourne company, you should have a good handle on whether he and his company acts professionally. It’s the little things that tell the story… How do they answer the phones? Is their dress and office space clean and presentable? Do they keep their appointments and show up on time? Do they come prepared to work? Do they treat your employees with respect? All of these, big and small, add up to a picture of professionalism or sloppy business.

Whether you are looking for a Fortinet consultant to implement the new FortiGate 6000F Series firewall and support it going forward or you have older Fortinet products that need some TLC, getting the right Fortinet consultant for your Melbourne business is critical.

Invotec Solutions is the company with the Fortinet expertise your business requires. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Want to learn more about Fortinet and Invotec? We have an extensive library of helpful articles for you HERE.

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    Working with an education solutions expert such as Invotec has meant that we have had a collaborative partner every step of the way in the development of, not only our ICT network infrastructure, but also in determining how best to engage … More students, deliver content, and drive learning outcomes.
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    Invotec Solutions is a great company. Working in the education field they have been great support when we have had technical issues that have needed high level solutions. I know they have worked throughout the Catholic Education system … More and have always delivered a high level of service and support. Very easy to deal with and friendly support.
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    Invotec were fantastic! Being a small business owner and IT illiterate, Invotec helped me to get up and operating without an issue.
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    I had the pleasure of working with the Invotec Solutions Team for our Cyber Security requirements. They really know their stuff and my expectations were well exceeded. Thanks Guys, You made it easy!
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    Invotec has been a great partner to our company. They're very quick and responsive. If you talk to anyone there you know that they're very knowledgeable in the work that they do.
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    Invotec really know their stuff, a great company that want to provide the best service possible. I highly recommend them.

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