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Technology in the Educational Setting (Questions/Answers)

Today’s students are used to working with the latest technology for their personal communication, recreation, and otherwise – how do you think they feel about using outdated, frustrating hardware when they go to school? Modernise your students’ experience at school with ASUS Chromebooks and iPads, available at special rates through Invotec.

It’s no secret that the right IT solutions have the ability to reinvigorate any organisation – especially when it comes to education.

Technological advances continue to make information more readily available for all students, allowing a world of knowledge, possibilities, and opportunity.

However, that’s often limited to the when the student is doing their work at home. Whereas it’s likely that they have a current or recent model laptop or tablet on hand at home, it’s less likely to be the case at school.

And for good reason – putting a new laptop or tablet in the hands of students is often too much for a school board’s budget to allow.

Allow Invotec to help.

What Budget-Friendly Technology Does Invotec Offer Schools?

If you want to invest in your student’s educational experience by equipping them with current, user-friendly laptops and tablets, then you shouldn’t be held back by untenable prices from the brands that students prefer.

We’re proud to offer the following products and rates to schools (all prices ex GST):

  • ASUS Chromebook – $420.00 (+ Chrome management license for $38.00)
  • iPad – $385 (with protective glass overlay for $20)

That’s not all though – in order to make management and charging of these devices simpler, we can also equip you with multi-device charging carts:

  • Aver E32C Charge Cart (32 devices) – $1499.00
  • Aver E24C Charge Cart (24 devices) – $1225.00

These rates can make the difference between investing in new, effective hardware for your students, and having them settle for older models.

However, Tthe reality is that it’s more common for schools to have the make older models last, and hope that the students can make do with older technology.

But at what cost?

What Effect Does Old Technology Have On The Educational Experience?

Technology is simply too integral a part of education today to write off as unnecessary or superfluous. Each and every student in your school relies on technology for some part of their life and some part of their education.

Have you thought through how outdated technology affects their experience in school every day?

  • Lower Student Productivity
    This is a direct effect of old and poorly maintained hardware in any given situation, but it’s especially serious in the educational setting.

    Students only have so much time to do their work every day – the more time they spend waiting for a computer to turn on, open an application, or load up their saved file is lost time. While 10 or 15 minutes of delay each day may not seem like a big deal, over the course of a semester or a full year, it starts to add up.

The same goes for your educators. A good teacher will lay out their lesson plan in detail, allocating time for each part, including when students need to work individually before returning to the group setting. Any aspect of this that requires work to be done on school laptops or tablets can be quickly thrown off track by slow and uncooperative hardware.

  • School – Home Incompatibility
    Another point to consider is how well your school’s technology integrates with the student’s technology at home. If they start a document on the computer at school, put the saved draft on a thumb drive and take it home to keep working in the evening, will files and applications be compatible?

    If your school’s hardware and software are a few years out of date, then it’s likely that the file types will lose formatting, other features, or possibly even be totally incompatible.

  • Optics
    While it shouldn’t be the first consideration, it’s important for you to think about how your technology makes you look. Are the desktops, laptops, and tablets available to your students considered a joke around the school? Is it common knowledge that your students are expected to use hardware that barely works? That kind of psychology can quickly take its toll on morale.

That’s not to mention the effects beyond those that apply to the students. Keeping outdated equipment running requires IT staff to spend the majority of their time updating software, downloading patches, and monitoring hardware. This takes attention away from what really matters – creating and maintaining an exceptional curriculum and a valuable IT experience.

It also leaves little time for other vital activities like updating security measures to ensure the safety of sensitive information. Protection and prevention fall under the umbrella of “security”, but reasonably, knowledge of (and control over) what information can go into or out of the network is an indispensable prerogative given the variety of end users in a school district.

The Invotec team understands that IT Departments in educational institutions often struggle against minimal infrastructure, low budgets, and limited manpower in the hope of enhancing students’ educational experience with the technology of the 21st century.

Introducing technology into K-12 environments is seldom a simple task, especially when it comes to specialised, big names like Apple.

Invotec will help with that too. We’re proud to offer authorised capabilities with Apple products, including:

  • Apple Education Resellers
  • Apple Solutions Experts
  • Apple Consultants Network members

What does this mean for you? It means you can be sure that you’re getting the best education rates for iPads, and that you can trust us to set them up for your school properly. Whether you’re looking for ASUS or Apple products, Invotec can deliver them at a viable cost.

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