Industries We Serve

Our skilled technicians and IT consultants have expertise in a wide range of industries. However, we specialise in Government, Education, Healthcare, Professional Services, Construction and Engineering.

Customised IT Services
For Government Entities

When working with Invotec you can expect the following:

  • Server Virtualisation – we increase efficiencies, saving you money
  • Citywide Fiber Networks – keeping you connected
  • Cyber Security – 24/7 network monitoring and response
  • Compliance – email security and archiving solutions
  • Wireless Communication Networks – we deliver secure and reliable access to regional dispatch systems
  • Quality IT Support – we have high standards, giving you more confidence to plan for future growth

Customised IT Services
For Education

When working with Invotec you can expect the following:

  • Cyber Security – become a resilient institute
  • Productivity Management – processes to maintain or improve productivity
  • Communication and Collaboration – we’ll work as a team to achieve your end goal
  • Mobility – access files safely from anywhere in Australia with an internet connection
  • Expansion – we help you grow efficiently
  • Web Platform – online services that provide tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.
  • Inventory Ordering and Management – track your institutes’s assets and manage them more efficiently
  • Immersed in the processes and IT needs of the educational sector

Customised IT Services
For Healthcare Providers

When working with Invotec you can expect the following:

  • Patient Records – we look at your current technology and address any issues
  • Patient and public-facing technology – we look at your current technology and suggest viable solutions
  • Software – our team specialises in support and maintenance through our fixed-cost, unlimited IT support and consulting services
  • Regulatory Compliance – we’ll help you address any issues with compliance
  • Cyber Security – protect your practice

Customised IT Solutions
For Professional Services

If your business is suffering from any of the following, we can help!

  • High operational costs per employee – we look for any inefficiencies, saving you money where possible
  • Shrinking profitability – after an executive-level consultation we can design and implement sound IT strategies that will make a significant difference to profits
  • Inability to compete effectively – we’ll design a professional IT strategy, so you can outperform the competition

Customised IT Services
For Construction Industry

When working with Invotec you can expect the following:
  • IT Management – your systems will be monitored and maintained for peak efficiency. We’ll give you 99.9% uptime
  • Cyber Security – cyber intrusions are common. We’ll set up our industry-leading IT defences around your business.
  • Construction Know-how – It’s easy to find IT companies that know technology. But you need a company that specialises in how construction firms USE technology.
Construction Industry


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