Invotec and Dell Technologies Secure School’s Endpoint Platforms


March 26, 2022

Australian schools continue to suffer from data breaches, significantly impacting the safety and privacy of student information and details.

Education ranks as the third-most likely sector for privacy breaches, with malicious or criminal acts resulting as the leading cause, accounting for 61% of all notifications.*  

As the world advances digitally every year, it is important for schools to keep on top of the cyber changes and developments through implementing relevant products and systems. Statistics state that 42% of teachers say that at least one digital device is used in the classroom every day.**

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the amount of remote work in schools from teachers and students has grown fundamentally. To ensure the community’s safety, learning from home has been mandatory at times, where endpoints have come into more frequent use to ensure everyone can access the same platforms remotely. An endpoint is a remote computing device that communicates back and forth with a specific network to which it is connected to. This can refer to laptops, desktops, smart phones etc.  

With breaches now happening above and below the OS, it is essential for schools to implement smart security strategies to safekeep their data. Endpoints are where cybercriminals execute code and exploit vulnerabilities. They access assets on the endpoint to exfiltrate or hold hostage, either for ransom or purely for disruption. This can be fatal for an organisation of any size, however, the severity is heightened when children’s information is at risk.  

At Invotec, the safety of children in schools is our main focus. We have been providing IT support for almost 20 years, evolving to be a proficient and reliable outsourced IT department for many local businesses and schools in Victoria. Dell Technologies have partnered with us, supplying their comprehensive endpoint security, to further support schools in keeping their assets and students safe.  

Cybercriminals are only becoming more capable and sophisticated in their attacks, finding cracks in the smoothest IT security teams. 31% of cybersecurity professionals are struggling with setting consistent security policies when moving workloads to the cloud.*** Dell Technologies endpoint security prevents, detects and responds to cyber threats and attacks with AI, machine learning and easy-to-implements behavioural detection, all powered by VMware Carbon Black.  

Dell Technologies endpoint security can see everywhere with visibility across endpoints, networks and the cloud, receiving remote incident response service powered by Secureworks. Their endpoint security can activate on-demand incident and emergency response, including incident identification, prevention, and remediation.  

How secure is your school’s network? At Invotec, we leverage the latest technology and services to audit, recommend or implement an ASD Essential 8 compliance strategy to enhance your security posture. Establish smart endpoint security in schools. Click here to get a free security audit today.

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