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Invotec Named Recipient Of The 2018 Fujitsu Innovation Award For Asia Pacific

Invotec is proud to announce that they have recently been named the recipient of the Fujitsu Innovation Award, as well as the designation as a top seller of Fujitsu servers, hardware, and other products across the Asia Pacific region – the latter for a second consecutive year. The opportunity to visit Japan to receive this award was a truly memorable occasion, and an honour the Invotec team could not be more proud of.

This is now Invotec’s fifth year working with Fujitsu, and this business relationship has been rewarding and beneficial for both companies. We’re delighted to be able to continue to offer Fujitsu’s advanced, reliable technology to our customers.

Founded in 1935, Fujitsu and has become a leading manufacturer of information and communication technologies worldwide. With a long history of pioneering innovative technologies for companies in every industry and of every size, their recognition of Invotec as the recipient of Fujitsu’s Innovator Award in addition to our top seller distinction is a true honour.

The work Invotec has done with schools like St. Peter’s in conjunction with Fujitsu is what has helped us to earn the Innovator title.

St. Peter’s endeavours to have students develop the skills they need in order to be responsible world citizens. That means equipping all students with the knowledge and values that enable them to face the challenges of the twenty-first century with confidence. The use of technology is pivotal in achieving learning outcomes across the curriculum.Like all schools, data sovereignty and cyber-security are very real concerns on a day to day basis. As such, St. Peter’s engaged with Invotec and Fujitsu, both who have a proven track record in the Australian education sector, to come in and assess, design, implement, monitor and maintain the very complex network that exists within their school environment. Our collective goal is to keep the students of St. Peter’s safe online, as well as safeguard the private and often sensitive data of both students and parents.

From  a technical perspective, schools are probably one of the most at risk customers that we at Invotec deal with on a daily basis, predominantly because there’s a user group within education that fears absolutely nothing, and that’s students,” says our own Anthony Fisher on the subject. “From our perspective, Fujitsu provided all the requirements necessary to provide the solution that we needed to implement with our customer.”

Consistency, reliability, and security are at the forefront of everything we’ve implemented at St. Peter’s, giving educators and parents peace of mind that students are learning in an environment focused entirely on their well being and success.

Invotec looks forward to a prosperous, successful future with excellent partner companies such as Fujitsu. As technology – and the world around us – continues to evolve, we’re glad to be working closely with those who are dedicated to remaining a step ahead of the rest of the industry.

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