IT Services in Melbourne

IT Services In Melbourne: A Guide To Selecting The Right IT Company

Make sure any IT company you’re considering can support your infrastructure. If they don’t have experience working with your operating systems or your company’s software, it’s time to move on.

If you have trouble remembering a time when Internet technology (IT) was not king, you’re not alone. Imagine having to file all those sales invoices by hand or count inventory every few weeks. It’s all automated now, which makes managing a business so much easier. The fact is though unless you have an in-house IT department you need IT experts you can count on, partners who will help you grow your business in the most logical way possible.

We won’t say that it’s fun finding an IT company that will act as an extension of your company, making sure everything gets done in a timely and orderly fashion, but it is possible to find one that has your best interests at heart and will go out of their way to help you be the best you can be. Here are some of the hallmarks to look for as you select the perfect IT company in Melbourne CBD:

Local Offices

Say you have an IT issue that must be dealt with immediately. The nearer your IT support company is to your office, the faster they can dispatch a technician. If you need IT services in Melbourne, why look outside the area for help?

Check Experience

Ask potential IT service providers if they have experience in your industry. Each company type has its own unique needs regarding technology. Make sure the company you decide to work with understands the specific needs of your business. What works for a beauty salon is not likely to work as well for a tire manufacturer.

While You’re Asking…

Make sure any IT company you’re considering can support your infrastructure. If they don’t have experience working with your operating systems or your company’s software, it’s time to move on.

Can They Honestly Handle You?

Find out how many engineers an IT company has on staff, and even how many they have in each department. There’s nothing wrong with start-ups of course, but if technicians double as the sales force or engineers are unlikely to be available when you need them, that’s a red flag.

Are They Open to Scaling?

The truth of the matter is, some years are leaner than others. Is the IT company you’re leaning toward willing to offer the same level of excellence if you run into a lean year and do not need their services as often? Are they willing to work with you through both lean and plenty?

Are They Readily Available?

To know more about how long it takes an IT company to service a customer, you should make sure they can answer the following questions:

  • How long will it take for you to respond when we call?
  • Who answers your phones?
  • Are you available 24/7?
  • Will we have to wait longer if we need a technician onsite?
  • How quickly can you usually resolve an issue?

Do not just take someone’s word for response and service times. Ask to see numbers from previous jobs. It may feel a little aggressive to press the issue, but at the end of the day, you will rely on availability.

Are You a Good Fit?

You will find that some IT companies require the businesses they serve to have a particular number of workstations or users. Some want to make changes to your infrastructure before working with you. The point is, the prerequisites set forth by an IT company will indicate whether your business is a good fit for them. Make sure you ask about prerequisites before investing time into researching them further.

Who Are Their Connections?

A reputable IT company will have partnerships with major manufacturers like HP, Microsoft, and Dell. Ask who they partner with and to see any certifications they hold.

Gut Check

After meeting to determine if your business is a good fit with a particular IT company, what does your gut tell you? Did they have enough experience in your industry? Could they provide references for you to check? Was their staff large (and flexible) enough to handle any needs that might arise on your side? If you have any concerns regarding the way they answered questions, keep looking. It is better to take your time partnering with an IT servicer than to suffer from one that is not a perfect fit.

An Eye on the Future

Finally, look for an IT company that will encourage you to grow, a partner that will help you formulate and execute an IT strategy firmly planted in today but with an eye toward the future.

We recognize how vital IT is to your company and how crucial it can be for your growth. That’s why we hope you will give us a look when it’s time to upgrade IT services in Melbourne. We can answer your questions, share references, and provide evidence showing our response time. The relationship between a business and their IT company does become a partnership, and we are keen about partnering with you. Call us to set an appointment. We’ll be happy to show you what we can do.

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