9 Signs Your Business Could Benefit From Managed IT Services

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With technology now central to most aspects of life, IT has become the backbone of businesses in all industries and all parts of the world. Essential as technology may be, it’s unlikely that you got into your niche only to end up dedicating half your working life to IT.  If you’d rather have the tech take care of itself while you take care of the core deliverables of your business, then it’s time to reconsider how you’re handling your IT. 

By creating the right IT support strategy for your business, you can reclaim your time while also treating yourself to the deep peace of mind that comes with knowing your tech is in safe hands. Both an in-house team and a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can tailor services and solutions to suit your unique business needs. However, MSPs generally offer more flexibility than a team of permanent staff members. With an MSP, you can benefit from a custom-made (and priced) package that covers precisely what you need right now, with the flexibility to scale up or down, depending on your needs.  

With an MSP backing you up, you’ll never arrive at work to discover that an IT issue has derailed your operations while you were sleeping. MSPs like Invotec offer 24/7 monitoring, meaning internal issues and external threats can be dealt with round the clock. With many cybercrime syndicates deploying their attacks in the dead of night or on weekends or public holidays, this 24/7 support is priceless. 

Of course, the question of whether you could truly benefit from the services of an MSP does depend on a number of factors. Below, we’ll take you through 9 signs that an MSP may be the ideal support service at this stage in your growth. By the end of the article, you should have a clearer picture of the most suitable tech support for your current situation and future goals.

1. You don’t know the first thing about IT 

If you know how to use your technology but don’t have a clue about the IT infrastructure that underpins it, an MSP can help you determine precisely which services and features will help you streamline your daily operations and offer better service to clients. MSPs are ideal for business owners who don’t know how their company’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges and goals should inform the IT solutions they adopt. 

MSPs specialise in supporting businesses of all sizes, and they are operated by skilled technicians who have experience not just in IT but in specific industry niches. This means the tailor-made solution you’ll get from a top MSP will equip you with the precise tools and training you and your employees need to succeed. 

2. Your technology and software are out of date

A year is a long time in the IT world, so if you’re still operating legacy software or old hardware, you may have fallen further behind the industry standard than you realise. Upgrading can be a challenge, but businesses that don’t evolve stagnate. 

An Australian MSP like Invotec can help you ease the transition, helping not just with the technical aspects but also with the training your employees will likely need as they adjust to new systems, software, and processes. 

If you’re worried about the cost of upgrading, an MSP is, once again, the ideal solution as they allow you to take advantage of the latest IT solutions without the expense of purchasing and installing everything yourself.

3. You don’t have the flexibility or scalability you need to grow

This package deal you get with an MSP gives you the latest tech and software at an affordable, stable monthly price. The MSP will handle any updates and upgrades to ensure you’re always at the forefront of every development. However, there’s generally even more flexibility worked into the packages than this.  

Though we can’t speak for every MSP, Invotec ensures that the packages created for our clients are scalable. As you grow, you may need to expand your services and the features you use. This can be done with ease and efficiency, ensuring you always have access to the technology most suited to driving growth. Likewise, if you go through a phase in which it makes sense to scale back, a simple phone call is all it takes to ensure your IT support is floating with you as your needs change. 

4. Your current IT setup doesn’t allow for remote work

The pandemic has triggered a fascinating social phenomenon in which people are quitting jobs that don’t offer them the flexibility to work remotely. After having claimed back so much of the time and money once spent on commuting, arranging childcare, and other factors, employees are rebelling in their millions, refusing to return to the old central office paradigm. 

To retain and attract top talent, it’s essential to have the IT infrastructure in place to support remote work in a secure and efficient way. An MSP can ensure you have the communication tools, equipment, software, and security solutions needed to effectively manage a remote workforce. 

5. You experience a lot of IT issues and downtime

Even if you miraculously avoid all the bugs and issues that can arise in IT, all technology will eventually break or become obsolete. This is an inescapable truth all IT experts must acknowledge. However, extended and/or repeated downtime is neither normal nor acceptable. 

Tech issues are difficult to resolve in a timely manner if you have little to no IT employees or are working with an IT support company that doesn’t offer 24/7 monitoring. However, with every minute of downtime that ticks by, your business can be sustaining both financial and reputational damage.  

By partnering with one of Australia’s best MSPs, you can rest easy knowing that you have a team of expert technicians taking care of your IT infrastructure at all times. MSPs take a protective approach to IT support, meaning you can say goodbye to frustrating downtime, and in turn, cut down on repair and replacement costs. You should also see an overall increase in productivity reflected in your profits.

6. You want to keep your IT budget under control

MSPs are ideal for those who need to operate within a strict IT budget. You can work with your MSP to arrive at a package that meets your needs and fits your budget, and you’ll then have a reliable monthly fee, with no expensive surprises. 

By taking a proactive approach to IT, MSPs like Invotec are also able to keep costs low by eliminating the issues that lead to unexpected repairs. Through efficient, proactive service and absolute transparency with fee structures, MSPs are able to be excellent allies in keeping your IT budget under control.   

7. Your IT workers are already overwhelmed

Ask any in-house IT employee and they’ll often tell you that they feel like five different employees rolled into one. From printer problems to phishing emails, they’re pulled in a multitude of different directions every day, meaning they often don’t have time to engage in the proactive IT support mentioned in the last point.  

An MSP can be a powerful ally for your in-house IT department. By ensuring your network is fully protected and that you’re always operating at peak efficiency,  an MSP can free your IT staff to focus on their important daily duties. With 24/7 monitoring from your MSP, IT staff can also avoid clocking up overtime and enjoy their time off work without stressing about problems that may arise. Such peace of mind is priceless, both for you and your IT team. 

8. You have no plans in place for potential IT issues

IT disasters can result in irretrievable data loss and costly downtime for businesses large and small. Despite this, many businesses have no plans in place for recovering from IT disasters. These businesses often also test their fire alarms and bomb threat procedures without ever extending this logic to IT emergencies. 

The reason for this isn’t laziness. Rather, it is a lack of knowledge as to how to test their IT infrastructure and response protocols. Knowing how to plan for IT problems takes time and specialised knowledge. This is where an MSP can, once again, be your strongest ally. 

MSPs know all too well how catastrophic a data breach or IT failure can be. With many clients relying on them, the techs behind the best Managed Service Providers are seasoned experts when it comes to formulating plans for surviving any and all IT dramas. 

9. A cyber attack would cripple your business

Some degree of disruption is inevitable with any cyberattack, but if an attack would cripple or destroy your business, then you’re in far too precarious of a position security-wise. Cybercrime and data breaches are on the rise, so as unsettling as this is, it’s helpful to think of a cyberattack as inevitable. 

Of course, it may not ever happen, but if it did, what impact would it have on your customers and your reputation? You don’t have to be a medical clinic or oil pipeline for the impact of a ransomware attack to be catastrophic. If the fallout is unthinkable, an MSP is going to be your best line of defence against ever having to face it. In the unlikely event that an attack does get through your fortified defences, the aforementioned 24/7 monitoring and proactive IT support will kick in as your MSP rapidly responds and minimises the damage. 

If any of the above points hit home, feel free to contact Invotec so you can speak with one of our IT experts. Alternatively, fill out the form below to request a free consultation and quote.

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