Seven Predicted Partner Possibilities for Microsoft in 2017


February 9, 2017

A look at the seven predicted partner possibilities for Microsoft in 2017

Microsoft Partners

It’s important to focus your energy on the things that matter the most regarding your business and its technology. However, it can be relatively difficult to prioritize a business on your own. Thankfully, Microsoft commissioned a study (with a panel of industry professionals) that focused on helping partners prioritize their professional endeavors for 2017. The panelists provided excellent professional tips such as:

  1. Help Your Customers Embrace Change – Many businesses have been spending more money on their technology as they walk their clients throughout the development process. So whether it be creating applications or developing new services, businesses explain technology change to their customers so they can understand how it benefits their shopping experience.
  2. Look At Your Business With Fresh Eyes & Specialize – Have you had a chance to notice what your business is good at? Try to see why people visit your service and what makes your business stand out from the competition.
  3. Mix Your Competition With Cooperation – Since businesses must evolve to remain relevant, it’s important companies get involved with one another and become partners through a digital ecosystem. With more and more companies embracing digital transformation, it’s important to understand where your business stands out and what businesses could complement (or improve) your service.
  4. Prepare For The Rise Of App Use – Businesses must have a method for delivering high-quality mobile experiences to their customers, which translates into your company spending more time and energy on their mobile applications. The more personal and immersive your applications is, the better.
  5. Deliver Your Customers A Lifetime Value With Managed Services – The ability for a business to provide managed services that can maximize a customer’s cloud experience is essential for professional growth. Managed services are expected to be a 43 billion dollar market by the next year, which is a growth that is 60% faster than the growth seen with infrastructure only services.
  6. Establish Your Credibility & Differentiate – If you want to build business credibility and differentiate through expertise, it’s important to invest in your team’s technical skill. For example: When it comes to blogging, your team takes an “all hands on deck” approach.
  7. Make An Impact Via The Cloud – The cloud innovates businesses in many ways, such as addressing humanity’s pressing data problems and expanding economic opportunities. So when it comes to global asset and your business, the cloud is the answer.

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