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Online Free Excel Training: Tips & Techniques For Managing Workbooks

July 25, 2019

Organization Shouldn’t Be Complicated Out of all of Microsoft’s Office programs, Excel is one of the most universally used. What started out as a fairly basic spreadsheet program has evolved into a must-have business tool. However, the more you use Excel, the more data your workbooks will accumulate. Keeping these workbooks organized and easy t[...]

Efficiently Manage Notifications In iOS 12

July 22, 2019

Apple’s mobile iOS operation system is one of the most popular platforms in the world. With more than 1.3 billion devices running iOS worldwide, Apple has clearly done an excellent job of providing a world-class experience for its users. Watch the video below or click here to watch on YouTube.   One area of the operating system that has und[...]

Microsoft Defender ATP Security for Macs

July 22, 2019

Microsoft Defender ATP Security for Macs Microsoft Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) is a program that detects ongoing attacks on corporate networks, blocks any that are malicious, and then provides response recommendations to improve security. Microsoft has made good on a pledge made in March 2019 by announcing that its sophisticated endpo[...]

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Is your business ready for Office 365?

Is your business ready for Office 365?