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Achieve New Heights With Microsoft In 2018

April 19, 2018

From humble beginnings in a garage as the brainchild of two men to an asset valuation of nearly $250 billion in 2018, Microsoft is no stranger to breaking records. Do you think Paul Allen and Bill Gates knew what lie ahead in 1975? Nope. Couldn’t have. In those days, developing a BASIC interpreter for the Altair 8800 seemed impossible – becaus[...]

If You Don’t Know About These 3 Ways to Use Outlook 2016 More Efficiently, You’re Wasting Lots of Time

April 13, 2018

Microsoft Outlook is a professional email and calendar program that’s been used by businesses for over 15 years. It’s had many iterations over the years, but with 2016, and its integration with Office 365, Microsoft has taken Outlook to the next level. Today, small and medium-sized businesses that couldn’t afford the enterprise-level applicat[...]

You Too Can Use Excel Like A Pro – Here’s Part 2 of Our Series to Show You How

April 12, 2018

With the 2016 version of Excel, Microsoft has really upped its game for people who aren’t great with numbers. You can now easily use one-click access that can be customized to provide the functionality you need. This is the second of our three-part series about using Microsoft Excel 2016 to help you identify trends, construct helpful charts, a[...]

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Is your business ready for Office 365?

Is your business ready for Office 365?