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4 Strategies For Super Strong Passwords

June 12, 2019

Some days it seems like everything in our lives requires a password: banks, apps, debit and credit cards, online banking, business applications, healthcare accounts . . . the list is literally endless. Technology professionals recommend that you use a different and highly secure password for each site — but how is it even possible for humans to [...]

Invotec Named Recipient Of The 2018 Fujitsu Innovation Award For Asia Pacific

June 11, 2019

Invotec is proud to announce that they have recently been named the recipient of the Fujitsu Innovation Award, as well as the designation as a top seller of Fujitsu servers, hardware, and other products across the Asia Pacific region – the latter for a second consecutive year. The opportunity to visit Japan to receive this award was a truly memor[...]

How to Get the Most From Your Android Battery

June 05, 2019

Battery technology has come a long way in the past several decades. Today’s lithium-ion batteries are a pretty amazing feat of engineering, offering high capacity, low power leakage, and comparatively long life. That said, they aren’t perfect, and they don’t last forever. Getting the most use out of your phone’s battery requires a little ef[...]

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Is your business ready for Office 365?

Is your business ready for Office 365?