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Software Licensing Debate: Should you Subscribe or Purchase Outright?

December 07, 2017

Weighing the pros and cons of software subscription and perpetual license models With a big name, traditionally boxed products like Microsoft Office 365 being offered via new subscription licensing models and online subscription platforms like G Suite we, as IT pros, have decided to consider the subscription model and determine if and when it is r[...]

MacOS Security Flaw Makes Headlines

December 05, 2017

MacOS vulnerability gives any user full admin rights without a password We all want to believe that the technology platforms we use are invincible. But, the reality is, software flaws exist. And some of these flaws don’t even require sophisticated hacking to exploit – they’re just sitting ducks, waiting to be found. Unfortunately, that’s t[...]


December 02, 2017

The Leading Ways Cybercriminals Target Consumers and Businesses During the Holidays As the holiday season is now upon us, everyone is starting to get in the spirit. Decorations are going up, shopping malls are getting busy and gifts are being wrapped. However, unfortunately, the holidays have a tendency to bring out the worst in some people – es[...]

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Is your business ready for Office 365?

Is your business ready for Office 365?