VOIP and Internet

You can save money while still getting the same quality with a VoIP System for your business.

Work from Anywhere and Save Time and Money with VoIP!

Saving up to 50% on your business telephone service is now a reality!

Tired of paying the telecom companies big bucks for few options, fewer features, and no service? Traditional land-line infrastructure is getting older – and more unreliable – every day. You notice it most when a storm takes down a telephone pole – and half the neighbourhood loses their phone service. And you lose productivity time – and possibly a sale or two… Fortunately…

VoIP doesn’t run on the old landline system.

It is internet based! So, if you have internet – even on your cell phone or tablet – you have access to your fully-functional business phone system.

Cut the cord!

Your company can enjoy internet-based, professional phone systems that will save you time, boost your productivity, and make you look like a superstar in the process! Our VoIP phone systems have all the function of your current phone system and more! Really!

Wouldn’t you like to have perfectly synced phone service on all your computers, tablets, and smartphones?

Now you can – and so can your remote/work from home employees! Anyone on your team can have access to your stable, synchronised, professional business phone system. If their smartphone, laptop, or Ipad can connect to the internet – they’re in business and doing business – from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Sound good? It is!