Healthcare Guide to the DTA’s New Secure Cloud Strategy

Creating a secure, usable network of systems is top-of-mind for Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA). The recent growth of security challenges for organisations of all sizes has caused this government agency to closely examine how businesses are interacting through the cloud. The Australian government’s new Secure Cloud Strategy provides a framework for service providers to follow that […]

Google’s New Chrome Extension Gives Your Passwords a Checkup

In early 2019, white-hat security expert Troy Hunt and other researchers shared a massive database of breached passwords and usernames. The stolen data constitutes 25 billion records and 845 gigabytes of stolen data. While many of the collected records are from previously reported thefts, there are new records there, too. It’s a clear indication of regularity, scope and potential damage […]

Tips on Finding an IT Consultant for Your Melbourne Organisation

Need to find an IT consultant in Melbourne? These questions will help you find the right fit for your company.

4 Strategies For Super Strong Passwords

Some days it seems like everything in our lives requires a password: banks, apps, debit and credit cards, online banking, business applications, healthcare accounts . . . the list is literally endless. Technology professionals recommend that you use a different and highly secure password for each site — but how is it even possible for […]

Invotec Named Recipient Of The 2018 Fujitsu Innovation Award For Asia Pacific

Invotec is proud to announce that they have recently been named the recipient of the Fujitsu Innovation Award, as well as the designation as a top seller of Fujitsu servers, hardware, and other products across the Asia Pacific region – the latter for a second consecutive year. The opportunity to visit Japan to receive this […]

How to Get the Most From Your Android Battery

Battery technology has come a long way in the past several decades. Today’s lithium-ion batteries are a pretty amazing feat of engineering, offering high capacity, low power leakage, and comparatively long life. That said, they aren’t perfect, and they don’t last forever. Getting the most use out of your phone’s battery requires a little effort […]

Is There An IT Provider Offering Penetration Testing In Melbourne?

Did you know that computer, tablet, and phone applications account for 70% of all cyber attack vulnerabilities? One of the reasons for this is because application developers rarely account for security either during application development or deployment.

How to Copy Cell Formatting in Microsoft Excel

Excel is a powerful application, but because it can do so much it can be easy to miss certain features that could make your life much simpler. Today’s quick tech blog shows you one of these features. We’ll look at how to copy cell formatting in Microsoft Excel without disturbing the contents of the cells […]

How to RSVP to Invites With Outlook Mobile

  Outlook Mobile is a powerful mobile version of Microsoft’s popular Outlook application. Microsoft has provided users a standalone email app that’s packed with a real depth of features. Today we’re looking at how to quickly RSVP to meeting invites using Outlook Mobile. The best and quickest way to do this uses an Outlook Mobile […]

Enable Do Not Disturb on Your Android Device

Do Not Disturb on Android can do more than you might expect. Here’s how to enable and customize Do Not Disturb on your Android device.   Today’s quick tech blog explains how to enable Do Not Disturb on Android devices. We’ll also give a basic explanation of how to customize this feature, making it even […]