5 Ways to Boost Hybrid Workplace Security with Dell Technologies


October 25, 2022

We live in the era of hybrid work and it’s proving to be a positive move for both businesses and employees. As well as boosting productivity in a lot of cases, hybrid working arrangements also boost employee satisfaction and allow employers to hire staff from anywhere. So, how do you ensure your cyber security is airtight wherever your workforce is located? Below are our top tips.

1. Cyber security education

Many cyber attacks are successful due to human error. As an additional layer of defence, we’d recommend training your employees about cyber security threats such as phishing, what to look out for, and what to do if a user thinks they’ve been breached.

2. Reduce the attack surface

By encrypting data whenever possible you can take full control of all endpoints, peripherals, applications, network traffic, and data. Implementing anti-ransomware technology is also important for detecting signs of ransomware and uncovering threats using behavioural analysis and generic rules.

3. Invest in devices with built-in cyber security

As well as using strong passwords and educating users, you can also invest in devices with in-built security layers. For example, Dell Technologies feature cyber security measures above and below the operating system to prevent, detect, and remediate attacks wherever the user is working from. This includes data encryption and protection, end user credential security, BIOS tampering visibility, and on-screen privacy.

4. Put real-time incident support in place

Whether it’s through your internal IT team or a trusted provider like Invotec, responding to cyber attacks and breaches in a timely manner is critical. By containing attacks and controlling damage through quick detection and action, you can isolate infected machines to minimise the damage. This can be the difference between a large-scale hack and a close call.

5. Implement the Essential 8

With an Essential 8 compliant cyber security strategy in place, your business can proactively detect cyber threats, mitigate risks, secure your devices, and keep your business safe. At Invotec, our cybersecurity framework uses the following 8 pillars:

  • Application control
  • Microsoft office macros
  • Application patching
  • User application hardening
  • Administrative privileges
  • Operating system patching
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Daily backups

Hybrid working is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean the challenges that come with it have to. Having the proper equipment to allow employees to work from home or wherever they are is a no-brainer. The 2022 Dell Technologies commercial client portfolio was designed to provide solutions to hybrid work by addressing users’ core needs, providing enhanced security, and advancing the circular economy. Discover Dell Technologies 2022 Client Portfolio now.

Is your business set up to provide a secure hybrid work environment? We deliver expert device procurement and management solutions as well as cyber security services for modern protection against the most sophisticated threats.

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