Security Audit and Risk Assessment

Invotec specialises in conducting cybersecurity risk profiles and action plans to address threats and strengthen security. This service is key to protecting Australian organisations from modern Cyber Threats.


Why Are Assessments Critical?

Technology is ever changing and the threats that your organisation face are becoming more and more sophisticated. With an increasing prevalence of high risk but difficult to detect problems turning in to large costly ones, knowing your Cyber Security posture is critical.

Invotec, in partnership with our dedicated subsidiary, Vektor Cyber Security offer organisations Security Audit and Risk Assessments so that organisations understand their exposure.

Knowing your exposure is the first step to protecting your organisation.

Why Are Assessments Critical


What Does The Assessment Cover?

User Education - icon

User Education

User security awareness, typically a component of a company’s security policy, includes educating and testing employees to help protect your business against cybercrime.

Essential 8 Maturity - icon

Essential 8 Maturity

To help organisations protect themselves against various cyber threats, the ASD released the Essential Eight.

Modern Workplace Security - icon

Modern Workplace Security

Using a Zero Trust approach, support your employees to work securely, while enabling you to adapt to evolving threats and future disruptions.

Cloud Security - icon

Cloud Security

The cloud security guidance aims to guide organisations on how to perform a comprehensive assessment of their cloud services so a risk-informed decision can be made about their suitability to handle organisations' data.

IT Policy Assessment - icon

IT Policy Assessment

IT policies and procedures establish guidelines for the use of information technology within an organisation. With the help of strong policies and procedures, you can incorporate actions that are consistent, effective
and efficient.