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Invotec can offer you the right cloud advice, service or maintenance, empowering you to work smarter.

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For years, Invotec have been helping businesses just like yours save money by growing their business within the cloud.Businesses are moving toward the cloud because it’s secure, scalable, stable and saves money.

Get the right cloud advice, service and maintenance for your business objectives by the best Cloud Service Providers in the Melbourne area!

Reliable and scalable cloud-based backup & disaster recovery services protect your critical company data and ensure business continuity.

The cloud has become more safe and stable than ever before, and provides HUGE advantages for those businesses looking to scale, synchronise, collaborate, or expand.

Get started with a cloud assessment and discover what the cloud can do for your business!

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Microsoft Office 365

Streamline your office and synchronise productivity. We'll take the Microsoft Office suite you already know and love to use into the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere. Progress is synchronised in real time.

Virtual Desktop

You'll have access to all of your applications and data from your desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone, making you and your staff more mobile than ever and eliminating the need for servers on premise.

Cloud Backups

We'll provide remote storage and backup over the internet. We'll help you choose a backup configuration that works for you. Automatically backup your important business files to a secure, remote server. Recover data quickly when required.


Infrastructure as a Service grows and scales with you. We host your hardware, software, servers, storage, and any other infrastructure, and perform system maintenance, backups, and business continuity tasks with no huge up-front costs.


Save up to 50% on your business telephone service and work from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, saving you time and money. If your smartphone, laptop or tablet can connect to the internet, you can access your fully functional internet-based business phone system.

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