Is Your Business Technology Optimised to Benefit Your Company?

February 15, 2018

Your business – like many others across Australia – is in that growth phase where it makes sense to look into outsourcing your IT support to a professional IT services company. Why? Because you want your Melbourne business technology to be customised to fit your workflow, you want business-class security, and you want IT maintenance off your plate.

We understand.

The Invotec Solutions team has been delivering outsourced IT services and IT support to Melbourne companies just like your since 2000.

Over that timeframe, we have seen businesses realise the value of outsourced IT support and have watched them trend away from in-house IT staff.

Why is this trend happening?

Company leaders see the opportunity to relieve their staff of the burden of IT maintenance and troubleshooting. With this weight off their shoulders, your employees can make better use of their time to get more done and push toward your organisational goals.

But employee productivity isn’t the only benefit realised by companies that want the most out of their Melbourne business technology. By outsourcing your IT support to Invotec Solutions, you can harness the following advantages:

  • Discover local IT professionals that care about your business success
  • Get more ROI out of your Melbourne business technology investment
  • Leverage the power of one point of contact for all your IT needs
  • Lower your costs by moving from high break/fix bills to managed services subscription IT care model
  • Access an entire team of IT specialists that have the skills needed to optimise your IT systems

We Can Help You With All Your Melbourne Business Technology Issues – Because We’ve Seen It All!

We’ve spent over eighteen years in the trenches helping businesses large and small get more out of their IT systems. Our focus isn’t merely getting your technology to work properly. We aim to get your Melbourne business technology to become a platform from which your company can launch its next level of growth.

We accomplish our objective of giving you an optimised, user-friendly, pro-growth IT environment by working through the eight stages of IT success.


Often, the companies that approach Invotec Solutions aren’t immediately looking for outsourced IT support. Instead, they have an immediate problem that has to be addressed right away. Some examples of these immediate issues would be server failure, lost backups, and security breaches. Our team of IT security and IT support specialists jump into action, find the cause of the problem the business is facing, and implement the necessary solutions to get their staff working again.


It is difficult to work at your best when the systems that you are using are either the wrong systems or are hosted in a way that makes it difficult to use them efficiently. Migration is the process of moving data and applications to a new environment where they will be easier for you to access and use. A simple example of this is moving all your emails from home-user options like Hotmail and Gmail to Office 365 email. By moving your emails away from home-user options we can provide you with faster access and more email security.


Because IT hardware, software, and cloud applications are made by varying companies, they sometimes don’t work well together right out of the box. Fortunately, the Invotec Solutions team has seen it all and has helped dozens of Melbourne businesses make the most of their technology by integrating the various IT elements – forcing them to work as one unit. By getting the various components of your systems to “talk” to each other, we can help you eliminate extra steps and wasted employee time.


Although automation can be a complicated process, the concept is simple. We can use technology to streamline your processes by eliminating manual steps in your workflow.

One example of automation is the process of making the databases that you use feed into your software – getting rid of the need for manual input. Automation saves employees time and increases productivity.


IT management is a specialty of the Invotec Solutions team. Within our monthly subscription plans, we provide continuous care for your entire IT environment. This approach saves you money and increases efficiency by proactively maintaining and monitoring each element within your network. IT management lowers downtime, saves money in the long run, and increases your employees’ effectiveness.


While optimisation may seem like a marketing promise that never happens, we assure you that nothing is further from the truth. Our technicians thrive on finding ways to adapt your Melbourne business technology elements to your internal workflow. By tweaking the admin controls of each hardware, software, and cloud asset, we can ensure that they are working well together and are tuned to your work processes.


Without cybersecurity for your in-house assets and mobile device security for the work that you take on the road, your company is at risk. Each aspect of your network and mobile device setup must be assessed for vulnerabilities. Once discovered, those security holes must be patched and new protocols put in place to avoid hacker intrusion and pain caused by malware, adware, spyware, and ransomware. Home versions of firewalls and anti-virus programs will not do. Businesses require a higher standard of cybersecurity and encryption.


Analytics tell the story of what is going on within your Melbourne business technology. Our monthly reporting helps you understand where your IT assets are in regard to their capacity, their current usage, and their lifespan. Reporting allows us to give you the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your technology.

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