How to Find the Right IT Support for Your Network Security System

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Network security is achieved through a combination of hardware, software, and cloud-based services. From Fortinet and WatchGuard to Cisco and Barracuda, there are many different Network Security companies, each offering a unique suite of products and services. 

Companies like Fortinet have a strong presence in Australia and are available for warranty and manufacturer support. However, it’s also crucial for Melbourne businesses to have ongoing IT support that covers their network security products. These products are, after all, the walls, guards, and artillery that protect your business from data leaks and cyber-attacks. 

To enjoy full protection from your network security system, you need an IT support company that specialises in the products you use. If you’re one of the many Melbourne business owners who trust their network security to Fortinet, your Managed Service Provider (MSP) or IT department needs to be able to quickly and expertly: 

  • Configure, manage and monitor your current Fortinet products;
  • Implement any new Fortinet solutions your company needs moving forward;
  • Ensure that your current Fortinet assets are integrated properly to avoid gaps in your cybersecurity

Basically, you need someone who can ensure your network security assets work seamlessly with your IT system, running everything for you in a way that ensures optimal security and efficiency. To achieve this, your best bet is to narrow the focus of your search to MSPs and IT support companies that specialise in your chosen network support provider. 

Of course, that can be easier said than done, so we thought we’d take a unique approach to helping you find the right IT support for your business. Below, one of our clients will take you through the steps they followed to determine whether Invotec would be the ideal partner to take care of their Fortinet support

Client Story: Finding the Right IT Support Company 

I didn’t think that finding someone who supported Fortinet hardware, software, and cloud applications here in Melbourne would be such a monumental task. However, the simple act of typing “Fortinet support Melbourne” into my Google browser led me down quite the rabbit hole. 

What did my Google search reveal?

Well, there were a handful of professional IT management companies in Melbourne that displayed the Fortinet badge on the homepage of their website, nestled among other IT development and sales vendors like Microsoft, Acronis, and ConnectWise. But let me tell you something. When I called two of the five and asked about Fortinet, the individuals who answered the respective phones had no idea what I was talking about and were obviously bluffing their way through the conversation. At one point, I’m sure I heard one of the two feverishly typing the name “Fortinet” into their computer to find out what it was.

The benefits of finding the wrong IT support companies

I determined quickly that those two IT Services Providers were not for me. Sure, the people that answered the phone and didn’t know what they were talking about were likely office clerks, not IT consultants, but if their company truly specialised in supporting Melbourne companies that rely on Fortinet products, they would have been more on the ball. Surely they would have recognized the brand and been able to give some basic information. But alas, this was not the case.

So, with my hopes – and expectations – lowered a little bit, I moved on to the other three companies from my Google search that made the shortlist.

My next three restored my faith in Melbourne’s Managed IT Services industry. The individuals who answered the phones were articulate, knowledgeable, and able to give specifics regarding their efforts to help Melbourne businesses like mine be more secure using the Fortinet array of products.

So, my shortlist had been narrowed down to three decent candidates.

What next?

A two-pronged approach to vetting IT support companies

I decided to take a two-pronged approach to vetting the three candidates that were still in the running.

#1 – Look at reviews of the company on Google and Yelp.

#2 – Have a representative from each company come to the office for a talk.

What was I looking for in the company that would come out on top? I was looking for someone who would tell me more than I could learn in a deep-dive Google search for “Fortinet features and benefits.”

I was looking for someone that saw Fortinet devices and software as more than simply a security measure. I wanted an IT support partner that could tie my Fortinet assets into my IT system in a way that elevated the security and efficiency of the entire company.

I know – I was asking a lot. But I thought, “At least one of these companies has to go beyond the basics to offer a holistic, business-first approach to Fortinet support.”

Why was my thinking running along these lines?

Because first and foremost, I’m a business leader. Gaining even a fraction of a percentage point in efficiency means greater productivity and a healthier bottom line at the end of the year.

So yes, I wanted someone with some business chops in addition to their expertise with Fortinet products.

After my individual face-to-face interviews with the representatives of the three Melbourne IT support companies, there were two clear front-runners. With little left to go on, I turned to criteria #1 and looked at the reviews of the two final companies online.

How to tell if reviews are genuine

Did I go with the company with the best reviews?


I went with the company that seemed to have the most genuine and honest reviews.


Because reviews can be bought; reviews can be faked. And almost without exception, when advertising companies buy fake reviews for their clients, they are long and glowing 5-star reviews. One trick for spotting them is that they tend to be vague, with little detail about the relationship between the reviewer and the company. 

One of the “Fortinet support finalists” fell into this second category. Their reviews were a little too rehearsed. So, I opted for the one with reviews that felt genuine.

In the end, the company I chose was Invotec Solutions. They operate right here in Melbourne and have a focus on using technology to improve business operations. That’s exactly what I was seeking.

Since hiring Invotec for our Fortinet support nearly four years ago, we haven’t looked back. They have provided us with stellar service, we have experienced no downtime so far, and they have become the driving force in integrating and innovating within our systems to better support our internal workflow.

If you’re looking for a Managed Service Provider in Melbourne, Invotec has technicians specialising in Fortinet and other network security products. Our technicians also specialise in a range of industries. We’d be happy to have an obligation-free chat to listen to your needs and help you find an IT support solution to match. Contact Invotec today to get started. 

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