Invotec Named Number One in Australia for Fujitsu Hardware


June 11, 2018

Invotec is proud to announce that they have recently been designated as a top seller of Fujitsu servers, hardware, and other products across Australia. Being named number one in Australia for the sale of all Fujitsu hardware is quite an accomplishment. The team at Invotec is pleased to have been recognised in this manner. Also, the whole Invotec team is delighted to be able to offer Fujitsu’s advanced, reliable technology to its customers.

This is Invotec’s fourth year working with Fujitsu, and this business relationship has been rewarding and beneficial for both companies.

Fujitsu was founded in 1935 and has become a leading manufacturer of information and communication technologies across the globe. The company has a long history of pioneering innovative technologies for companies in every industry and of every size.

Fujitsu has inspired many of the extraordinary breakthroughs in information and communication technologies over the last century. The company often leads the way in developing products and services that will shape the industry. Their history of designing and implementing some of the world’s best information and communication technology is well-known around the world.

Fujitsu manufactures a wide range of products from servers and workstations to supercomputers and telephone systems. They offer complete solutions from consulting to system construction and management. Their long history of creative invention includes developing the FACOM 100, Japan’s first relay-type computer. This breakthrough opened the door for the invention of general-purpose computer equipment. Today, Fujitsu has grown into Japan’s leading computer manufacturer.

Managing director of Invotec, Michael Fisher wanted to share his team’s enthusiasm with Fujitsu employees and others in his industry. “We have been impressed by the comprehensive services offered by Fujitsu and the responsiveness and attention-to-detail provided by its services team. Fujitsu is completely transparent when it comes to commissions, rebates, and margins. They truly partner with their customers in every sense of the word to improve products and services across the board.”

Fisher went on to say that there are more than a few reasons why company owners often choose Fujitsu products. Their products are made in Japan and Germany instead of by OEM manufacturers in China. The company also designs and engineers their products from the ground up in their plants. They understand the significance of being accountable for every product they make. As a leading global manufacturer of electronics and IT technology, Fujitsu offers a five-year warranty on most servers and other similar products.

Fisher comments, “That’s just how confident the company is that their products will stand the test of time. Their servers run quiet and they’re heat tolerant. You can place a Fujitsu server in a dusty environment and it will still run just fine. That’s a big plus if you live in a country like Australia.”

Invotec looks forward to a prosperous, successful future with excellent partner companies such as Fujitsu. The future is bright for Fujitsu as well. Semiconductor technology and telecommunication networks become more sophisticated. Today’s computers have evolved from bulky typewriter-like appliances to sleek machines that can complete a wide range of exciting projects. As the size of the personal computer grows smaller each year, its ability to create amazing things has increased. This is all due to the many Fujitsu teams located all over the world who strive each day for excellence.

Fujitsu’s quality line of products includes IT systems, data center products, telecommunication systems, and much more. These products are thoughtfully designed by creative teams who understand their role in building an amazing technological future for mankind.

Fisher and the whole Invotec team are delighted to be recognised as the top leading seller of Fujitsu products in Australia. Their business goals align well with those of Fujitsu. Both companies believe in forming strategic partnerships and working hard to build something that matters.

The Invotec motto says it all: Integrity, Loyalty, and a Passion for Tailored Solutions

Michael Fisher and the whole staff at Invotec understand their responsibility to provide customers with dependable services that increase productivity in every way. The Invotec team is on the cutting edge of today’s most advanced cybersecurity solutions. They believe that companies can reach their business goals without compromising on quality, customer service, and productivity. Each day, they work hard to deliver on every promise made to customers.

Fisher comments, “At Invotec, we’ve been doing this long enough to know a few things about what our customers need to remain competitive. We’ve developed our corporate strategy around making sure that our clients have the most advanced IT solutions. We combine that with top-notch service. We believe it’s important, to be honest and straightforward with clients.”

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