How Managed IT Service Organizations Cut Costs With Advanced Technology

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January 15, 2021

It seems clear that an experienced MSP can help cut costs for small and medium-sized businesses.

Each day, business is inundated with proposals for new technology. Some are great, and you would welcome those into your IT toolbox or company operations, but, some just don’t work as promised.

Managed Services

Businesses of all sizes face this problem, but small and medium-sized business (SMB) find that keeping up with technology is a time-consuming effort.

The Flood of Advanced Technology

No matter whether your IT is from an internal department or you count on an outside vendor – it is quite difficult to avail yourself of excellent IT staff all the time. However, when you partner with a well-qualified managed services provider (MSP) you gain several top-quality IT people, not just one.

This is important as the best MSPs stay current on new and advanced technologies and inform their clients about changes in technology that they might be interested in.

New technology cuts a broad swath across support for companies using technology (ex. Taking credit cards via a smartphone) to computer system protection (using the latest software and hardware to keep data safe).

There are compelling reasons to hire a managed services provider. Nevertheless, it is imperative for a company to perform due diligence before hiring an MSP. During the selection process, ask yourself the following questions to guide your decision making.

What to Ask Before Choosing a Managed Services Provider

  1. What is the company’s experience in delivering managed services? Ask for, and check references.
  2. Is there a well-developed organizational structure that is capable off mitigating risk and making efficiency optimization a priority?
  3. Do they have experience in your industry? What size business in your industry do they have experience with?
  4. What kind of expertise are you looking for and does a potential MS provider have it?

So, once you have selected an IT MSP how they can bring improved operations to your firm?

Advanced Technology and Managed Services Providers

It seems clear that an experienced MSP can help cut costs for small and medium-sized businesses. Following are some examples of how they do this.


What happens if your computer system fails and shuts down? Could you stay open and operating without access to vendor and client lists? What if you lost your financial data? If your MSP is providing you with Backup and Recovery Services, you don’t need to worry as your system can be restored from the backup data that your MSP can quickly deploy.


While the payoff for cyber criminals is potentially higher from large entities, criminals know that security is much tighter on their systems than those of an SMB. Because costs of anti-criminal intrusion hardware and software are spread out among subscribers to an MSP, deployment is far less expensive than installing these solutions independently. Also, an MSP is ideally positioned to offer backup and data recovery (BDR) services.

Contact Systems in the Cloud

Customer relationship management systems and contact systems are all about improving revenue. Moving them from an onsite server to the cloud gives your field staff better communications with long-standing customers as well as potential clients. By placing these systems in the cloud, your company has the edge over competitors as your system allows access from anywhere there is an internet connection and allow for multiple office integrations.

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