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Need virtualised computing resources? The Invotec team is the right choice!

We will host your hardware, software, servers, storage, and any other infrastructure and take all of the system maintenance, backup, and business continuity tasks off your plate.

Need these IT infrastructure elements hosted?

  • Network
  • Storage
  • Computer resources
  • Virtualisation Technology

What makes IaaS so attractive to businesses like yours?

They can grow and scale with you! No need for huge up-front costs and implementations that are too large for where your company is today. Our specialized team will give you the on-demand capability of adjusting your configuration as your business fluctuates from season to season or builds from year to year.

Want even more great IaaS benefits?

With our IaaS service, you can have environments in which your repetitive tasks are completely automated! – Don’t you want to be done with those tedious tasks that take up your time?

Because all of your IT assets are hosted by Invotec, you will have the capability of accessing them anywhere you can get WiFi access – from any device!

Your IT team still has the ability to manually configure, manage and update numerous components of your Infrastructure keeping you in control.

Concerned about uptime, monitoring, management, and security?

We’ve got you covered! We guarantee consistent uptime and have protocols in place to monitor, maintain, and keep your hosted assets secure 24/7. Our policies meet or exceed industry standards.

Want to know more about IaaS?

Let’ us help you! Contact us now at 1300 INVOTEC or sales@invotec.com.au