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Our Proven Process

What priorities do we strive, each and every day, to hold true to? Here are a few principles that are truly important to us:

Our Core Focus: “Our customers’ peace of mind”

Our Niche: “Partnership”—with our customers, our suppliers and each other

Our Guarantee: You won’t lose sleep over your IT

What Are Our Values?
While a lot of IT support companies you may deal with will have overwrought mission statements and complicated acronyms to explain their set of core values, Invotec believes that a simple list of focuses in the way we provide service is the best way to guarantee quality for all our clients. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we don’t bother with unnecessary service gimmicks that sound impressive but amount to nothing in the end.

  • Quality – Never settle for mediocrity. We commit to excellence in everything we do and don’t accept anything less
  • Integrity – Honest people, honest business. We build integrity with each other and our customers through transparency and trust
  • Discipline – Do what is required not what is easy. We apply discipline and process—no shortcuts to achieve outcomes
  • Vulnerability – Be real, be human. We are open and real so we can support each other
  • Tenacity – Determined and unrelenting. We are dogged in our determination to achieve and won’t rest until we get it right

What Is Our Process?

When you partner with Invotec, you enter into a carefully developed and detailed process that we’ve designed to ensure you get what you’re paying for, and that we’re held accountable.

  1. Understand – First Contact We visit you on site and get to know your business and people so that we understand precisely what you need from your IT.
  2. Discover – Audit and Assess We analyse your business from end to end, identifying areas for improvement and noting opportunities for advancement.
  3. Design – Solutions and Strategies We match your business inefficiencies and vulnerabilities with proven IT solutions and best practices.
  4. Build – Implementation and Remediation We onboard your business with the specifically chosen set of solutions that we feel will best support your work and improve your productivity.
  5. Maintain – Ongoing Managed Services We work as your partner on an ongoing basis to both maintain your IT environment, as well as find new areas for improvement.
  6. Review – 90 Days Later After the first 90 days of service, your Virtual Chief Information Officer will fully review what we’ve done for you, and update key strategies.

Want to see first-hand what the Invotec process will do for you? Contact us at 1300 468 683 or sales@invotec.com.au.