Supercharging Your Business with HP Business Solutions


February 13, 2017

A look at how HP Business Solutions can supercharge your business

HP Business Solutions has always been aware of what companies require for operation, with their response being a product that packs the power of an office in the palm of your hand. The product in question is the HP Elite x3, which packs the power of a PC into a sleek and stylish smartphone. Since there’s so much more to this device than what meets the eye, we’re going to explain why the HP Elite x3 is not an item to pass up in the seemingly endless stream of business-driven mobile devices.

HP Elite X3

The HP Elite x3: Power Unleashed

Among top-tier business professionals, the HP Elite x3 has already been making waves. From the positive industry expert reviews to award-winning acclaim, the HP Elite x3 has allowed seamless and straightforward access to the data, apps, and people you care about without switching devices. The premium smartphone capabilities and the PC power of the HP Elite x3 are second to none when it comes to built for business phones. Such brilliant touches that accompany the HP Elite x3 are:

  • The ability to dock if one needs to work big.
  • Seamless transition without switching devices.
  • Advanced security features such as fingerprint reading and integrated iris scanning.

The HP Elite x3: Unlocking Its Power

The HP Elite x3 offers only the best in regards to what a business-driven mobile device can provide. Between wireless charging, a long-life battery, a Quad HD display, and the powerful processor, all grounds are covered with this stylish appliance. The HP Elite x3 special perks include:

  • The HP Elite x3 is equipped with The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor chipset. This high-performance processor has oftentimes reserved PCs but has been tweaked to operate with the HP Elite x3 smartphone features.
  • A long battery life that can handle the harsh work demands with a single charge.
  • The 64GB internal storage gives one plenty of space to store the contacts, apps, and data needed for daily operations. The 4GB of RAM allows one to access this valuable information at the blink of an eye.
  • The 4G LTE capabilities mean that one will waste no time trying to find Wi-Fi hotspots, as they will always be connected.
  • The indoor/outdoor Quad HD display will never leave one squinting at their screen. In addition to this, the 5.96″ display is equipped with the durability of Corning Gorilla Glass.

Unlimited Productivity

The HP Elite x3 makes conference calls, presentations, and all other daily business activities possible with one powerful device. In addition to this, no training is required to operate the HP Elite x3, and no software is needed for download before the operation. So if you happen to live in {city} and would like to know more about this unique device, feel free to contact {company} at {email} or {phone} for more information.

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