How Can Advanced IT Management Support the Construction Industry?


April 17, 2023

Like all other industries on Earth, construction has undergone rapid transformation thanks to the rise of Information Technology and Industry 4.0 (aka the Fourth Industrial Revolution). Whether you run a small operation or a nation-wide enterprise, it’s crucial to stay on top of these rapid advancements. Being tech savvy and treating your business to the best construction-specific IT support can help you remain profitable and avoid becoming Australia’s next cyber-attack victim. 

Plenty of IT companies are all over the latest technology, trends, and cyber threats. However, to truly benefit from managed IT support, you need a company that specialises in how construction firms use technology, how the latest trends will affect them, and what threats they’re most vulnerable to. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP) specialising in construction, the Invotec team has seen first-hand the benefits that can accrue from industry-specific support. We’ve also seen the problems that can arise when companies don’t have such support. Below, we share our most important findings on IT management and construction in Australia. 

Cloud computing is increasingly crucial for construction

As confirmed by research published in the journal of Automation in Construction, cloud computing delivers a suite of immediate benefits along with the promise of powerful new capabilities in the near future. By engaging cloud services now, construction companies can enhance site safety, minimise waste, improve energy control, manage projects more efficiently, and ensure supply chain transparency. 

Source: Automation in Construction Vol. 122, Cloud computing in construction industry: Use cases, benefits and challenges

With an IT managed services provider delivering a seamless cloud experience, construction companies will also be able to rapidly adopt new technologies and add-ons as they come along. This level of agility is crucial for business owners who want to remain competitive in even the most challenging economic conditions. 

On a more day-to-day level, storing construction data in the cloud is the best way to ensure project managers and other authorised parties have seamless access to the tools and information they need. When your team is able to access relevant data in real-time, they are better equipped to effectively plan and adjust course on the go. You also make it easy for engineers, architects, designers, and contractors to collaborate, reduce time wastage, and cut costs. 

By pairing mobile technology with your suite of cloud services, you equip your team to improve the efficiency of their on-site workflows. You’ll also eliminate costly delays and mistakes by ensuring contractors can access the permits, blueprints, contracts, and other documents they need on the job site.

Streamline your digital transformation with Building Information Modeling

Building information modeling (BIM) is one of many advanced systems you can benefit from once you have a cloud platform. With BIM, you integrate data from designers, architects, and engineers to generate digital construction models capable of covering the full lifecycle of a project. It can be applied at all construction phases to test design features, improve efficiency, and deliver the precise results clients are seeking.

BIM can help you accurately predict construction costs, manage projects more efficiently, deliver accurate projections to clients, and visualise the outcomes of certain design decisions. With advanced IT management on your side, you’ll have the right foundation for understanding and applying BIM within your business.  

24/7 monitoring delivers seamless efficiency for construction companies 

The last thing you want is to invite a client in to review your plans only to discover that you can’t access them. You need everything from your BIM software to your time and attendance system working seamlessly. However, even the most advanced technology can let you down if it’s not properly monitored. Not to mention the ever-present threat of cyber attacks. 

Thankfully, with 24/7 monitoring from a company specialising in IT support for construction, you can enjoy seamless efficiency and perfectly responsive tech. If a threat or outage is detected, your IT support company will take action immediately, even if it’s 3 am on a public holiday. On top of this round-the-clock monitoring, you can add audits and risk assessments to the mix, ensuring you’re always taking a proactive approach to keeping your business safe. 

Protection from known and emerging cyber threats

While digital transformation is a net positive for the construction industry, it isn’t entirely risk-free. With greater digital connectivity comes greater exposure to cyber threats. In recent years, we’ve seen attacks on BAM Construction, Interserve, EMCOR, Bouygues, and more. These are not isolated incidents. Cyber attacks are on the rise in construction, causing supply chain disruptions, costly delays, loss of client trust, and other unwanted consequences. 

Of course, this is no reason to halt your digital evolution. Indeed, that would only see you fall behind. Companies specialising in construction industry IT support can deploy network segmentation and log monitoring to minimise the impact of a cyberattack on your business. As a construction industry specialist, Invotec also delivers secure backup and cloud-based disaster recovery, ensuring you’re protected and able to continue operating, even in the unlikely event that a worst-case scenario occurs. 

Support with construction industry compliance 

With the right technology and effective IT support, your construction team will be better-equipped to meet all documentation requirements and ensure perfect compliance every step of the way. From Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) regulations to the National Construction Code (NCC), there are plenty of rules governing the construction industry. The best industry-specific IT support companies understand precisely what you need and deliver solutions that save you time, help you avoid penalties, and ensure you always have backups of the evidence you need. 

Partner with an MSP specialising in IT support for construction

There are plenty of general benefits associated with outsourcing IT services. However, you can gain even more advantages by partnering with a company that specialises in construction IT support. 

With 24/7 monitoring, seamless cyber security, and packages designed to support companies of all sizes, Invotec delivers an advanced level of technical support that’s tailored to the construction industry. If you’d like to arrange an obligation-free consultation, call Invotec on 1300 468 683 or fill out the contact form below. 

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